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Moksha Power Yoga   
160 Merrimack St. | Methuen, MA | 978-685-0334
  • Heated Classes
  • No heat Classes
  • Hot Power Fusion
  • Divine Kids yoga
  • Senior/Restorative yoga.
  • Ayurveda and yoga.
  • Natural Healing by Ayurveda
  • Yoga Consent Form
Our philosophy - Moksha Power Yoga offers classes which will show you and teach you a new healthy attitude
about life itself ultimately bringing awareness to a greater health and wellness. Our trained and experienced
teachers provide guidance for our students to practice yoga in right spirit and with awareness, proper breathing,
respect for body’s strengths and weaknesses. The appeal of yoga is universal and timeless, the fundamental
aspect of yoga practice is to be centered and balanced, holistic practices of yoga work on the physical, mental
emotional and spiritual planes, enabling you to reconnect with yourself and develop an inner deeper calm and
balance, relieve stress, boost energy level, feel more confident the qualities lies within you and look younger longer.

We offer - The Moksha power Yoga offers yoga classes in Vinyasa flow which is a very active form of yoga that
improves strength, flexibility, stamina and balance:
  • Hot power yoga - in Vinyasa flow with 95 degree heat and 25% humidity.
  • No heat vinyasa classes - for students who like to practice yoga in a spiritually calm and peaceful setting.
    Instructed by a trained yoga instructor.  
  • Yoga for Seniors - this is no heat simple stretch class to maintain seniors there mental sharpness and
    increase energy level, yoga can lift your spirit and make your days brighter keep your mind and body
    centered reduces your aches and pain of joints and muscles brings confidence, strength and balance with
    gentle stretches. If you have never tried yoga this will be your opportunity to explore and benefit from taking
    first class you will be surprised how invigorating you feel. Taught by our senior instructor.
  • Divine Kids yoga - this class is designed to help kids ages 5-18 yrs of age, our trained kids yoga instructors
    will teach them the techniques and show them the ways to learn coping mechanism to deal with anxiety and
    anger by finding the inner peace and balance and distressing their minds. Taught by trained instructors for
  • Beginners - we have design classes to educate our brand new student who have never tried yoga and think
    yoga is not for them as a beginners yoga classes.
  • Intermediate - for students who had been exposed to yoga and enjoy the benefits of yoga. Heated. Non
    heated classes.
  • Advance heated HPF 90 min - hot power fusion classes for students who had been practicing yoga for a
    while and feel comfortable in advance poses and postures looking for a place to practice in a unique spiritual
    heated setting.
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Allison Burke: Prana Power Yoga Certification

I've been practicing yoga for over 6 years now. What started off as a supplement to my workout routine has become so much more. The mental benefits now outweigh the physical ones and I feel fantastic. My yoga practice reminds me to stay present, enjoy the moment, and pay attention to what I am feeling and accept it.

I received my 200-hour certification through Prana Power Yoga and am also certified in assisting/adjusting. I continue my study of yoga through many inspiring teachers, workshops, and training. I hope to provide my students a safe and sacred space to practice and discover more about themselves and receive all the amazing benefits yoga has to offer.
Jodi Chatterjee: RYT certified trained In Rishikesh India by
Shivananda Yoga Center and Core Power Yoga In Irvine California.
She believes that personal and creative expression is the key to being happy and free from fears.She will make you unleash your primal energies, mental clarity and improved, flexible hip joints. She teaches Vinyasa flow in a unique dance style with music in heated room. resulting  more and longer youthful you..her classes are consists of Pranayam breathing, poses for beginners and advanced students and mindful meditation. you will return home refreshed, energized with tools for maintaining your health and well being through your own personal yoga practice. She welcomes men and women of all sizes and shapes.Namaste.
Kevin Johnson
Kevin is a certified Hatha yoga instructor (RYT 200hrs), mental health counselor, amateur folk musician, and a seeker of beauty in life. He feels things deeply, but also loves intellectual pursuits and sifting through philosophical issues to get at their core.

Kevin teaches several styles of yoga, including his own creation called Meditative Flow. He believes that in addition to physical health, yoga leads us into a deeper awareness of our emotional, psychological, and meditative selves. As such, Kevin�s classes are always taught with warmth and caring for every person in the room, and you will find he uses a lighthearted approach to help you improve your practice. Come have fun and experience the joys of a yoga class designed just for you.
Amrita Russo
Certified Yoga Teacher from International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres & Certified Children's Instructor from Global Family Yoga. She immersed herself in the Yogic lifestyle at the Sivananda Yoga Ranch, in the Catskills, after completion of training for Gurukula. During her studies, desire for material possessions dispersed and aspiration to pass on the teachings of the Philosophy of Yoga developed. She has been practicing Yoga for 5 years & Pilates for 10, and is versed in the styles of Hatha, Power, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Prenatal, Family & Yoga for Kids. Amrita also incorporates physical manipulations in Yogalates. All levels & open-minds are welcomed.
Kanti Patel ND Doctor of natural medicine(Ayurveda)
He is Trained in India and practices in Ca and Mass. He integrates weight loss program to support
healthy,long-term weight reduction process that includes a holistic approach to shift in to a natural,balanced
relationship with your body. Explore your weight issues in a caring and supportive environment and leave feeling
rejuvenated,motivated and full of hope.A complement to your yoga practice.
Terry Myers Senior yoga teacher
She had been teaching yoga since last 10yrs was trained to teach different types of yoga,
She teaches Restorative/Seniors and beginners and advanced students in Vinyasa and Ashthangna  flow in heated and non heated room. feel peace and energy in your mind and body after you take her class
Rachel Kaplan our senior yoga instructor(kids Yoga and all level yoga ) her goal is to help build my students self-esteem and confidence. My style of teaching helps loose weight as you move in peaceful but energetic asanas with soft music you sweat, burn calories,leaving feel great Physically as well as mentally.Hot power fusion is invigorating for energy,flexibility and vitality.

Class Pricing
Individual class
Kids individual class
Students and seniors
Community class
Multi Class Rates
5 classes pass
10 classes pass
1 month unlimited classes pass
Yearly unlimited
Winter Schedule December-February
Classes can be canceled upon inclement weather
Check the schedule by calling 978-685-0334
AM classes please call ahead during winter
Heated classes are held in our hardwood/mirrored room
Meditative/Restorative/Pranayam classes are held in Orange Carpeted Beautiful room with music Check our facebook for updates and classes page

Monday -
      9:00 AM All Level gentle / Terry

Tuesday -
      6:00 PM all level Candelite Power mildly heated with Rachel

Wednesday -
      no classes

Thursday -
      6:00PM Heated Power Fusion/ Jodi 75 min

Friday -
     9:00AM Community class all Level With Terry

span style="font-size:14px;line- height:17px;">Saturday -

      9:30 AM Meditative Vinyasa Flow with Terry
Sunday -
      9:30AM All level partially heated with Rachel

HPF - 75 min 98 Degree
Gentle Class - Suitable for everyone
Kids Yoga Summer only sign up - 60 min
Restorative yoga - Bring pillow and blanket
Power yoga - 60 min 98 Degree
Community class $5 cash only / all level
Candlelight - Gentle yoga for all level in relaxing candlelight setting throughout the room
Workshops- Last Sundays of the month -12:00pm to 2:00pm (maximum 8 members)
Ayurveda Consultation on natural healing and diet / Dr. Patel
Yoga Nindra deep yogic sleep work shop with Gautam Ji Or William
Just Joining Yoga?
Bring a yoga mat, towel, water and an open mind set. These items are available at MPY for rent for a
$2.00. Dress in comfortable clothing that allows you to move your body fully. Stretchy shorts or pants and
a t-shirt or tank top are best. Yoga is practiced barefoot so comfortably removable shoes are
recommended. Eat lightly before you practice yoga.